Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (2023)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (1)

The Coinoscope mobile app makes coin identification and valuation easy - just snap a picture of a coin with your phone camera and the app will show you a list of similar coins. It is fast and accurate. It is a must-have tool for every coin collector and numismatist!

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (2)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (3)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (4)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (5)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (6)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (7)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (8)

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (9)

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Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (10)

Coinoscope Features

Coinoscope uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically recognize coins.

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Automatic coin recognition

Just take a picture of your coin and the app will automatically recognize it.

Upload from gallery

Identify coins by uploading images from your phone's gallery.

Collection management

Manage your coin collection by saving coin images and search results in My Collection.

Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (11)

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Coin valuation

Use the Estimate Value feature to find out the coin value and visit collector sites to get additional information about coins.

Use in desktop browser

Take coin photos on your phone and view search results in your desktop browser.

Free & Pro

Use all basic functionality for free or buy Pro version to enable premium features and switch off ads.

Average rating on Google Play and Appstore

  • 1 250 000 Downloads (Android+iOS)
  • 150 000 Monthly Users
  • 4 400 Ratings
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Coinoscope: Visual search engine for coins (12)

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Can I take a picture of a coin to find value? ›

The Coinoscope mobile app makes coin identification and valuation easy - just snap a picture of a coin with your phone camera and the app will show you a list of similar coins. It is fast and accurate. It is a must-have tool for every coin collector and numismatist!

Is there an app for identifying coins? ›

CoinSnap is a powerful mobile application that utilizes AI-driven image recognition technology to accurately identify any coin within seconds! The identification process is relatively straightforward.

How do I look up the value of coins? ›

Contact your local numismatics society and ask for help.

They'll point you in the right direction and help you identify the value of the coins! You can find the nearest numismatics club by looking through the American Numismatics Association directory. Don't feel awkward reaching out to one of these clubs.

Is coin scope free? ›

Download Coinoscope app on your Android or iPhone for FREE and start identifying coins!

Is there a free app to scan coins for value? ›

Coinoscope is a visual search engine for coins. Coinoscope makes coin recognition easy - just snap a picture of a coin with your phone camera and the app will show you a list of similar coins. Click on the coin to see additional information in the web browser of your phone.

What is the fastest way to tell if a coin is valuable? ›

One quick way to determine if a coin is rare or valuable is to look at the mintage. That's the number of copies of the coin that the US mint produced (aka issued). The lower the original number of copies printed, the more valuable a coin will likely become.

How can you tell if a coin is rare? ›

The date and mintmark are the easiest way to diagnose valuable rare coins. Errors in these two key areas can still be found in circulation, and they could score you a fortune. Re-punched or over-punched mint marks are one winning discovery, as is doubled text.

What are the 10 most valuable coins to collect? ›

10 of the Rarest Coins in the World
  1. 1849 Double Eagle Gold Coin.
  2. Silver Flowing Hair Dollar. ...
  3. 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin. ...
  4. 1787 Brasher Gold Doubloon. ...
  5. 2007 Queen Elizabeth II Maple Leaf Gold Coin. ...
  6. 1804 Silver Dollar. ...
  7. 1913 Liberty Head Nickel. ...
  8. 1822 Half Eagle Gold Coin. ...

What is the best website to sell coins? ›

Best places to sell coins online
  • Only 5% to sell. No listing fee.
  • Heritage Auctions 10% fee. Consignment program.
  • eBay 12.35% + $.030 fee, plus listing fees. Wide audience.
  • Apmex Well known. ...
  • Modern Coin Mart Won't pay you until after you've sent them your coins to them.
Apr 27, 2022

Where is the best place to sell valuable coins? ›

The best place to sell your coins online is eBay. Low fees, plenty of customers, and the ability to auction or sell your coins directly. However, some of the larger auction sites that are dedicated to coins will enable you to fetch a higher price for your extremely rare coins… at the cost of convenience.

Which app is best for coin selling? ›

Coinbazzar is India Best Numismatic App. Where you can buy sell Coins, Bank Notes, Medals, and any Numismatic related item also any antique items you have for sell. +Add Product & Show it to thousands of collectors. +Get Fast Payout.

What is the best coin collecting app? ›

4 Best Coin Collecting Apps in 2023
  • PCGS CoinFacts - Great set of coin apps.
  • NGC - Researches a coin rarity.
  • Coin Book Pro - With the appraise feature.
  • CoinManage - For coin database organization.

What is the best way to sell old coins? ›

There are several options for selling coins online. Arguably the best option is setting up your own ecommerce store as this allows you ultimate control over the selling process. However, you may also choose to sell your coins on online auctions, online marketplaces or to other coin dealers.

How much does it cost to verify a coin? ›

Coin Grading Costs

For instance, modern coins that are worth a maximum of $300 will cost from $17 to $22, depending on the company of your choosing. Coins with a maximum value of $10,000 can be graded for $65 to $80 dollars.

Can I get coins appraised online? ›

Get a market leading price for your coin collection from a simple online coin appraisal, all from the comfort of your home.

What year coins are worth keeping? ›

All quarters minted before 1965 are worth their silver value. All Standing Liberty quarters have a premium above that value, except for well-worn coins. Among Washington quarters, only the 1932-D and 1932-S have a significant premium over the silver value. The 1955-D also carries a premium.

How much is a dollar coin from 1776 1976 worth? ›

1776-1976 D TYPE 1 Eisenhower Dollar Value

According to the NGC Price Guide, as of February 2023, a Eisenhower Dollar from 1776-1976 D in circulated condition is worth between $1.05 and $1.50.

What year dimes are worth money? ›

#1 — 1964 Copper-Nickel Clad Roosevelt Dime

The 1964 clad Roosevelt dime is a rare coin with only a handful of specimens, and these are worth four figures or more.

What quarters should I keep? ›

They sell from 100 USD to at least 143,750 USD.
  • 1943 Washington Quarter: Double Die.
  • 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter.
  • 2000 New Hampshire State Quarter.
  • 1976-S Washington Quarter.
  • 1950-S Washington Quarter (S Over D)
  • 1962 D Washington Quarter.
  • 1965 Washington Quarter.
  • 1999-S Delaware State Quarter Proof.

How much is a 1965 quarter worth? ›

The higher the grade, the higher their value. Current data shows that the regular 1965 Quarter in the circulated condition can be worth between $0.30 and $0.85. However, a 1965 Washington Quarter in mint state can be worth around $5250.

What is the rarest coin in US history? ›

Top 5 Rarest Coins in the US
  • 1849 Coronet Head Gold $20 Double Eagle. The 1849 Double Eagle is among the oldest and rarest coins to ever exist in the US. ...
  • 1794 Silver Flowing Hair Dollar. ...
  • 1933 Saint-Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle. ...
  • 1913 Liberty Head Nickel. ...
  • 1870 S Seated Liberty Dollar.
Jun 17, 2021

What coin is worth $1000000? ›

Minted in AD 69, the "exceedingly rare" quarter shekel is estimated to be worth over $1 million, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office, which hosted a repatriation ceremony in New York on Monday.

What coins are in high demand? ›

What Precious Coins are in Demand? Silver and gold American Eagles generally take the top spot on the average list of most wanted coins, at least in the English-speaking world. That means, if you happen to have one for sale, you shouldn't have too much of a problem finding a buyer, especially in an online setting.

Do banks buy old coins? ›

Why Your Bank Is Probably the Best Place to Cash In Coins. Consumers can turn in their coins for cash at banks, which will give them their full value. Banks do not charge a fee to their customers when they deposit coins, but many require that the coins be rolled in wrappers.

How can I turn my coins into cash for free? ›

Here are five places where you can access free coin counting and exchange services: QuikTrip.
  1. QuikTrip. QuikTrip owns a line of gas stations across 11 states, with 800 locations in total. ...
  2. Bank of America. Bank of America does not charge a fee for customers to cash in their own coins. ...
  3. Wells Fargo. ...
  4. US Bank. ...
  5. Credit Unions.
Sep 13, 2022

Is it OK to sell old coins? ›

Those who have been collecting the coins for many years can now utilise them if they want to. They can sell those coins and earn a great number of deals. Nowadays the buying and selling of old coins and notes are increasing among history and culture lovers especially. People curate ancient and antique things.

Who can I trust to value my coins? ›

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is the largest coin grading company in the world and is the industry standard for graded coins. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is the second-largest grading company and the only other grading service that holds weight in the coin collecting community.

What website do coin collectors use? ›

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC):

As one of the two leading coin grading services, NGC's website houses numerous resources for all levels of coin collectors that include chat boards, coin galleries, pricing guides, and more.

Is coin collecting profitable? ›

Are collectible coins a good investment? Coin collecting can be for everyone, and the investment potential is high. For serious collectors or investors, coins are a tangible asset that easily hedge against inflation while also adding some solid diversity to your portfolio.

Can you clean coins without losing value? ›

According to coin experts, cleaning any potentially collectible coins might cause them to lose value. Using chemical cleaners or scrubbing the coins could leave scratches and marks that will be easy for a skilled appraiser to pick up on.

Can I take a picture of an item and find out what it is? ›

You can learn more about an image or the objects around you with Google Lens. For example, you can take a photo of a plant and use it to search for info or other similar images.

Can I take a picture of an item and find it online? ›

Simply take a picture of any object and CamFind uses mobile visual search technology to tell you what it is. The CamFind app provides fast, accurate results with no typing necessary. Snap a picture, learn more. That's it.

Can Google identify something from a picture? ›

What images can Google Lens identify? You can use it to identify images on your camera and gain more information about landmarks, places, plants, animals, products, and other objects. It can also be used to scan and auto-translate text.

How much does Coinsnap cost? ›

The current price is $0.000367 per SNAP.

What is the best app for identifying objects? ›

Google Lens: identify objects and learn about them

The app proves helpful as an educational tool and an immense help for visually impaired users.

Is Google Lens a free app? ›

Cost: Free | Platforms: Google Lens is an app available for both Android and Apple. Google Lens is a powerful and free app that can allow you to read out text from a sign, book or handout as well as translate text and even recognise objects.

How do I use my iPhone camera to identify objects? ›

Use Visual Look Up to identify objects in your photos on iPhone
  1. Open a photo in full screen; ...
  2. Swipe up on the photo or tap .
  3. Tap the icon that appears on the photo or at the top of the photo information results to view Siri Knowledge and more information about the object.
  4. Tap.

Is there a free app to identify antiques? ›

Google Lens is a free app for iOS and Android devices.

Is there a Google app for identifying things? ›

Google Lens — Search with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more.

Is there a website that can identify an image? ›

TinEye Reverse Image Search Engine

TinEye is a reverse image search engine that helps you source images and finds where they appear on the web. This tool lets you search by both URLs and uploaded images.

What can Google Lens identify? ›

At its core, Google Lens is best described as a search engine for the real world. It uses artificial intelligence to identify text and objects both within images and in a live view from your phone's camera, and it then lets you learn about and interact with those elements in all sorts of interesting ways.

What is the best website for coin values? ›

Top 10 Websites for Coin Collectors and Enthusiasts
  • 01 of 10. The United States Mint. The Fourth Philadelphia Mint. ...
  • 02 of 10. PCGS CoinFacts. ...
  • 03 of 10. Newman Numismatic Portal. ...
  • 04 of 10. ...
  • 05 of 10. NGC World Price Guide. ...
  • 06 of 10. Heritage Auctions. ...
  • 07 of 10. Great Collections. ...
  • 08 of 10. Mint Error News.
Feb 28, 2022

How to get coins graded for free? ›

PCGS Photograde Online is free, and provides detailed close-up photo images for 25 types of 19th and 20th century U.S. coinage issues in up to 12 different grades.


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