Do I have to buy NEBO twice? (2023)

Is Nebo a one time purchase?

Nebo for Android and Windows devices is available to download in the relevant app stores for a one-time payment.

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Can I use Nebo on multiple devices?

If you have Nebo installed on several devices, synchronization allows you to update your notes everywhere, all at once. This means that you can use Nebo at work and then pick up where you left off on another device when you get home.

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How much does Nebo app cost?

Supported OS. It is available on Windows for $9.99, iPadOS for free (with in-app purchases), Android for $11.42 and ChromeOS. It also has the Nebo viewer For the iPhone. You can access your notes on pretty much any device you pick up.

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Is Nebo better than GoodNotes?

Nebo's handwriting recognition and text conversion are the best you'll find, and it integrates handwriting and text effortlessly. Plus, with the recent support of Apple silicon devices, it offers better cross-compatibility than the bigger notetaking apps like Notability and GoodNotes.

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How many notebooks can you have a Nebo is free?

Access to one notebook with unlimited pages for creating handwritten notes.

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Are apps one time purchases?

You need to buy these items every time you want them, and you can't download them again for free. If you remove and reinstall an app or install an app on a new device, you might lose your consumable purchases.

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What is Nebo full pack?

Full Pack. Combines all the premium features included in the other Productivity Packs. Required if you want to use Nebo Viewer for iPhone unless you have purchased the Connect Pack.

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Can you use Nebo without Apple Pencil?

On iPad models without Apple Pencil like pens, previous versions of Nebo offer a Read-only experience. Nebo is an application powered by Interactive Ink, MyScript's handwriting recognition technology.

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What pens are compatible with Nebo?

Supported devices with active pens
DeviceDevice nameActive Pen
LGLG V60 ThinQ (Nebo preinstalled)LG Velvet's Stylus Pen
LGLG Velvet (Nebo preinstalled)LG Velvet's Stylus Pen
MotorolaMotoZ4Microsoft Active Pen (Protocol MPP AES 2.0)
MicrosoftSurface Duo 2Microsoft Pen
13 more rows

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Does Nebo have free trial?

If you have an Android or Windows device you can also trial Nebo's technology via this link: webdemo. Here you can experience, not only the note-taking power of Nebo, but also its calculator and diagram-making capabilities too.

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Does Nebo convert handwriting to text?

Our write-to-text engine now works in Notes - simply select handwriting with the lasso and tap "Convert" to convert it to typed text.

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What is Nebo Pro?

Nebo allows you to publish notes on the web. This makes it possible to access them from all devices with an internet connection. So, you can take notes on your iPad, convert them to text, and then continue working on your MacBook, for example. This feature also allows you to share your notes with others.

Do I have to buy NEBO twice? (2023)
Is GoodNotes a one time purchase?

GoodNotes is free to download and use up to 3 notebooks. With a one-time purchase of $8.99 USD, you can unlock unlimited notebooks and access to advanced features. (There is no GoodNotes subscription!)

Why GoodNotes is free now?

In support of educators and students, GoodNotes is also making the full app free for all educational institutions managing devices via Apple School Manager, with handwriting recognition technology provided courtesy of MyScript.

What is the best device to take notes on?

11 Best Tablets for Note Taking in 2023 [Affordable List]
  • Comparison Table of Some Best Note Taking tablets.
  • #1) Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4.
  • #2) Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet.
  • #3) Apple iPad Air 2.
  • #4) Lenovo Tab M10 Plus.
  • #5) Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet.
  • #6) 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB)
Dec 27, 2022

Are Nebo flashlights lifetime warranty?

Our products are guaranteed against all defects in workmanship and materials for the original owner for one year from the date of purchase.

How long do Nebo flashlights last?

There's a 150-lumen High that can run for 1 hour, a 50-lumen Medium that can last for two, and a 15-lumen Low that lasts for 5 hours on a fully-charged internal rechargeable battery.

How do I add a notebook to Nebo?

Create new notebooks in Nebo
  1. Open the Notebooks section in the side panel.
  2. Tap in the top right corner, then tap New notebook.
  3. In the New notebook dialog, choose an icon color.
  4. Enter a name and select the collection where you want to store this new notebook.

Can you annotate PDFs with Nebo?

You can annotate and mark up imported PDFs in Nebo. If you export an annotated PDF, the exported document will include your annotations. When searching within Nebo, search results will include hits from within your annotations.

Does Nebo have templates?

It is not possible to replace the blank page that you write on in Nebo with a form that you can then fill in or that you can write over. To get around this you can create a template that uses standard Nebo formatting and then "fill it in" separately when you are ready to do so.

Does Nebo have a desktop app?

Nebo is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Our designers and developers have made the experience consistent across all platforms.

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